We Know Your Visitors Through Their IP Addresses

Geolocation Solution using IP2Location™

Translate IP Address to Country, Region, State, City, Latitude, Longitude and ISP

IP2Location™ is the leading provider of IP address based geo-targeting solutions. Our award-winning IP mapping technology accurately pinpoint the location of any IP address using a standalone proprietary database. Many developers around the world have implemented wonderful solutions based our technology. For example:

Credit Card Fraud Detection
  • Identify suspicious Internet order to reduce fraud and chargeback
  • Avoid orders from high risk countries
  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Display unique banner based on locations to improve click-through rate
  • Distribute marketing messages based upon the users geographic location
  • Content Customization

  • Redirect visitors to appropriate web pages based location and cultural
  • Customize web page content to adopt visitor local context immediately
  • Network Security

  • Disallow network connection from unauthorized countries
  • Identify origin of network intrusion and apply law enforcement
  • Digital Rights Management

  • Broadcast digital contents to subscribers within a region to safeguard valuable intellectual property
  • Contents customization or censor based on subscriber's origin, cultural and law
  • Gaming, Lotteries and Legal

  • Track user's IP addresses to ensure compliance with national and international laws
  • Calculate correct tax collection fee based on country and region
  • IP2Location™ technology is available immediately in several packages. The basic package DB1 demonstrates IP address to country mapping. The second package DB2 provides IP address to Internet Service Provider. The third package DB3 allows IP address to region and city reverse lookup. The last database package DB4 consists of all IP address to country, region, city and ISP. Other than raw database, it is also available in ActiveX component and web services.


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